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Boiler Installation Packs

Boiler Installation Packs

Boiler Installation Packs

When looking to install a new boiler there are a few more items that you will require for the installation and Boiler Installation Packs include all you need  for an excellent value for money, and all delivered at once when and where you need it. Along with a magnetic filter to make sure the new boiler lasts as long as possible, the new boiler is likely to need a different plumbing so, a set of fittings comes in handy. While you are at it, a new wireless thermostat to fire up that brand new energy efficient boiler is a nice improvement.

Plumbing and Heating Nation is based in Birmingham and supplying boiler installation packages to all of the West Midlands and almost all of the United Kingdom, with fast and economical delivery service.

Boiler only or Boiler Installation Pack?

Boiler only deals are best when just swapping an old boiler for the same model or you just have all the rest that is required for the installation of the new boiler. Alternatively, if you are changing boiler manufacturer or model or you just want to pay once for all you need, a Boiler installation deal can also save you money by having all shipped together. Additionally, boiler installation deals save you money as we apply a price reduction to is as a package.

What if i need more bits?

You can contact us on the chat or via telephone for assistance or for a quote on a different boiler swap deal. We will propose a quote and agree on a delivery date with you. We can also supply copper pipes, and plenty of other items not yet available on our website.

Cash on Delivery? Absolutely!

You are an installer and you want your client to pay? No problem, choose cash on delivery at checkout and our driver will collect payment on delivery.


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However,in the mean while you can call us on 0121 382 1112 for any enquiry or start a chat with us, we would be very happy to help!